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BridgetsGirl CDCover.jpg
BridgetsGirl CDCover.jpg

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Act One


1. In The Beginning

2. This Isn't What I Bargained For

3. I Told Her

4. I Told Her: Reprise

5. It's A Beautiful Day

6. I'm Sick of It

7. Ignore The Bills

8. It Seemed Like Destiny

9. Looking At Art!

Act Two


  9. I Will Paint You

10. Tell Me About My Wife

11. The Little Ache inside

12. Bridget, Can You Hear Me? 

13. Someday I will Take You There

14. Each Knew Painting

15. Why Are Girls So Mean?

16. I Will Paint You: Reprise

17. I Am A Girl

18. I Can Do This

19. Looking At Art: Finale

Vocal Demo
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